Roon Core (Linux) + Mounted pCloud Drive


I am currently in my trial of Roon and have set up roon core on a machine. I user the following instructions to run Roon as a user (Running roon on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 as a user (not as root)) and mount a pcloud drive using their client (to my knowledge it uses FUSE).
I have confirmed that the user running roon server can access the folder (RWX), however, if I try to add the folder to my library, I get “Error loading folder: Unauthorized” (in fact, this happens already when trying to add the parent folder - if I unmount the drive, then I can see the parent folder’s contents just fine).

I am struggling to debug this, could anyone let me know what to look into/how to get this to work? I have a very large music collection and limited space on the designated core machine (the idea was to cache relevant files based on recent usage).

I was just able to map my pcloud drive. I do it at boot.
I then can go to:
settings →
storage →
+folder →
pCloud Drive > My Music

It then synchronized as expected.

Thanks for your answer.

With the pcloud client itself unfortunately I did not manage. I have now mounted it with rclone/FUSE (pCloud ( with allow-other. That seems to work (it appears to be essential though that the roonserver service is started only after the drive is mounted).

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