Roon Core managing just tidal, no local, just DSP leveling, max 24b and 96khz, minimun specs

Any clues on this?

I know it´s quite far for minimun recomended specs but, for example, can an Intel Celeron N2840, 2 GB RAM, SSD 32 GB eMMC do just the Roon core task playing to one or, to the maximun, two end points and just Tidal, no local, 24bits 96khz max, and only DSP leveling?

Or no way?

Actually the small laptop, that I´m using actually as a Roon Bridge with no problems, has win 10 but may I can install Rock to do the related task?

Thaks in advance.

Thanks in advance

A Celeron can do the minimal management you suggest but 2 gig of RAM isn’t enough. ROCK will not recognise eMMC as installable media so you need Windows or Linux on there which won’t leave much in the way of room for Roon and it’s database.

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I agree, try to put at least 4GB in (worked for me in an old MacMini), but preferably 8GB.

You can always try it on the laptop, the Roon database is moveable if you change your Core machine so you can keep using your data if it doesn’t work good enough.

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