Roon Core- need to change from one registered

Core Machine- OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.6)

When I registered for Free Trial I did it using a friend’s computer + used my iPhone for remote… My one year subscription has been paid. I downloaded Roon software onto my personal Macbook Pro, but receive a message that I already have a core device registered. How do I switch to my computer?

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Hi @Bob_Nanney,

If you have already purchased a subscription and it is currently active, you will need to de-authorize the previous Core and authorize the Core you wish to use. You should have been presented with a page similar to the following once you logged in to the new Core:

I would first make sure that there is nothing you need to transfer from the old database (any edits/Roon crated playlists/ect.) and then go ahead and de-authorize the previous Core. If you do have any items you wish to transfer over, you will want to use these migration instructions (<- clickable link).

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