Roon core nuc, only one "hda Intel pch" under settings-audio

Hi I have only one option, "hda Intel pch", in roon remote under settings-audio for my nuc running core. This only enables the minijack in front of the nuc, cant get the mini hdmi on the back to output anything. My question howewer is would i be able to output a signal to a dac im thinking about buying, copland, with usb via this nuc¿

Did you install Roon Server on linux or do you use ROCK?

Followed the guide on roonlabs and it works fine with other endpoints.The nuc is an older model, and im thinking thats why it has no hdmi options¿ im hopping it can output digital via usb tho, i cant test that until i Get a dac.
Thanx for replying:)

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In case you installed ROCK with UEFI enabled you may get into the exact problem you described. In No automatic ROCK update from 254 to 256, though running with UEFI on NUC8 you will likely find the solution.