Roon Core: Nucleus vs. PC (sound quality)

I`m running the roon core on a PC - it works very fine!
The question that I have is: Is there a sound advantage (sound quality) when i switch to a nucleus?
Maybe someone has made the change and can say something (sound quality) about it.
I don’t use the PC as a roon endpoint!

thanks for any opinion!

I run Roon on a NUC running ROCK. Previously it was running on a PC. I use networked endpoints, i.e., none connected to the core. There is no audible difference between NUC and PC, and my guess, the Nucleus, which is built on the Intel NUC. Moreover, Roon makes no claims about improved sound quality when using the Nucleus; besides, it is silent, and you may use it in your listening room.


…thank you for your replay! I have a zero noise PC - and my office is my high end room – the PC is running the whole day :wink:
… all my stuff is in the basement (multi room) and makes no noise in the office.
So it seemed that I can stay with my PC solution and spend my money for other improvements :wink:

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There should be no difference in sound quality. Even if there is a difference, it would be insignificant, by no means commensurate with the financial investment.


I installed ROCK on one on my audio PCs that has all sorts of mods
e.g. separate LPS with shielded lines for 5v to SSDs (x2) and 12v to Mobo (x2), passive cooling, 3M RFI sheets, Paul Pang cables etc etc etc sitting on a Mana Acoustics rack

I ran a trial account of Roon vs my Nucleus, so flicking between the two was very easy and quick, allowing me fairly closely synchronised track by track comparison from the same switch into my network. I did this for the trial period over several sessions

While I found the PC gave slightly more detail and separation, it actually shrank the soundstage depth vs my Nucleus (which also has dedicated LPS and 3M and is wall mounted in a separate room to the system)

On balance, with its 4 LPS and dedicated rack - I decided I’d stick with the Nucleus as it’s far less hassle and I prefer the overall sound

Anyone want to buy a load of Audio PC gear :nerd_face::+1:

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