Roon Core on ARMv8 for French Market

Hi Roon,

I have actually a DS918+, but in France my Internet Provider have just launch a new incredible box named Freebox Delta :

This box is including : Devialet player, Server Nas (20To…), Alarm, Netflix integrated, 10Gbs speed with fiber, etc etc.

My wish will be to have a Roon version working on ARM, because I would want to sell the Synology and just use the Delta serveur. The Synology become only necessary for Roon.
The processor is a Quad-Core ARMv8 / 2Go RAM / 32Go Flash.

This Internet provider is really important in France, and I think there a lot of French people in my situation using Roon (Devialet expert pro or phantom or others). We will be very happy to have the possibility to use Roon with this processor for the Delta Server.

Could we heard from you that you could work on it to give us this possibility ?

Thanks a lot, Vincent

Although the Freebox Delta uses the latest ARM processor (Cortex A75) its performance is still someway behind Intel and wouldn’t be up to the job of hosting Roon Server. It’s fine as a modem/ router and for serving files or playing media. Roon needs to do a lot more heavy lifting. It also runs on BusyBox, which is an embedded Linux.

One option is to buy a NUC running ROCK and use the Freebox for your media files.

Of course, what the ISP is doing is creating tie-in so it is harder for consumers to easily switch providers.

Thank you Martin for your quick response.

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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: Please note that this is a community forum and I am a community member.