Roon core on Innous zen mk3

Have anybode tried to run roon core on innous ZEN MK3?
Can you reccomend this?

Check out the review by Darko:

I’ve not been able to get the core running properly on a Zenith II in 6 months. Impossibly slow to transfer the roon backup and library of files over to it via the network. About to give up.

I have used the Zenith MK II first as squeezeplayer - fine. Then as ROON Core with ROON 1.5 with less endpoints. It was ok. With 1.6 and more endpoints, TIDAL and Qobuz it was slow and buggy. I got problems with track forward and backward. I had to restart ROON very often. I cancelled the INNUOS-ROON experiment now.

I am pleased I visited this thread today as I am considering the Innuos product. May favour the Nucleus now. Sorry to hear of your issues midi

Don´t misunderstand me - the Innuos is a great product with are really good SQ, but I think their focus is not ROON, they prefer squeezelite (now they have a beta - use squeezelite in Roon Core). So if your focus is Roon…see the video at - I agree with them. But If you like squeezelite and you have only one endpoint connected via USB the Innuos is a very good choice.

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Thank you all for your comments:)

My intention was to manage with ‘everything’ in one box, but it looks like innous isnt ready for roon core yet.

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Innuos zen mk3 as server, nucleus core linked to my dac amp by usb, epic.
I can rip, store, core runs like a dream, music reproduction is great.
All i need is an Auralic vega G1 DAC now.

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I’m looking for a roon core and got really excited when I saw these, but they are still running Intel Pentium N4200 processors with 4gb memory. So this is not an future proof option. Shame.

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