Roon Core on PC vs on Server Discussion

I had been running the roon server core on my PC, it was a desktop that had nearly TOTL specs across the board as it was built for current generation VR headset.

To my surprise running roon core on a server made the browsing interface so much faster and snappy and my server has worse specs than the PC processing wise. How is this possible?

I do not understand how the Core can be so choppy on even such a well specced computer, how do most people deal with roon browsing when it is always semi choppy/laggy when using a PC?

What are your experiences with running roon core off your computer?

Update: I am an idiot, reason was because my PC was wireless and now my server is wired. I suspect the differences not to be much if my PC was also wired.

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I had lots of problems running Roon core on a very high powered Dell XPS 15 laptop. Problems went to zero when I moved to a Roon Nucleus. You really need a dedicated machine for Roon core, IMHO.

Well, I suspect most people don’t have the issue. For example, I’ve NEVER had Roon be semi choppy/laggy on a PC. And I’ve run it on at least 12 of them over the last 5 years. All i7 or better gaming rigs.

So, I suspect that some other software that is running on that computer is interacting with Roon. There can be any number of other software, including but not limited to VPNs, Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Backups, Realtek Audio Drivers, that can cause similar symptoms.

But, certainly running Roon on a dedicated machine without other software will always make things work more smoothly.

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Could also be graphic driver related Are remotes ok on the old totl pc?

You really need a dedicated PC/laptop to run Roon if you have a large music library - I use a Pentium I5 PC with an SSD and with my music library on an external HDD directly connected to the PC. Before then, I used to use my laptop with the music library stored on a NAS - and was constantly having problems.

Just in case anyone missed the update…

@F208Frank, thanks for sharing… enjoy the performance boast hardwiring the Roon Core brings.

Yeah I had to update or else it would be a disservice to Roon, truth is truth.

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Server architectures are optimized differently than desktops/laptops. When it comes to indexing and moving a lot of data around, a Server will typically outperform a desktop. Roon is not all that demanding, so you don’t really need a lot of power for a well performing core. I have two 12-core Xeon processors with 128GB ECC RAM and large L1 and L2 caches. Roon barely makes a noticeable dent in the available overhead. I’m running Win10 Workstation Pro for use as a DAW which is why the system is configured the way it is.

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@F208Frank Thanks for helping me better understand PC/Core setups. Great Post!