Roon Core on Qnap with QNAP DNLA and Multimedia applications running

I have Roon Core running on my Qnap TVS-871. I also have my PC linked and working. I am now trying to link in Squeezebox and Squeezelite-X instances. I have turned LMS support on in Roon. I don’t see any LMS associated devices yet. I tried to point my one instance of Lite on the same vlan as the core to the core but can’t get past the Host setup. The port assignment fields don’t accept the default LMS ports.

My question is concerns possible interference between the various multimedia apps available on Qnap. I have DNLA, multimedia steaming, and music center all installed and running. I also have Twonky server installed but have stopped it since it reports it is using port 9000.

Could my LMS support issues be related to the mix of audio apps running of the NAS? I hope not since I need the music streaming functionality provided by Qnap because almost all of my remote audio devices are on separate vlans or accessed via VPN. Until Roon supports TCP/IP access across vlans/VPN, I don’t have any other option for remote listening.