Roon core on which device?

Roon core on which device.
I wiil soon have the possibilty To install Roon core on three devices. My soundchain: MacBook Pro>432 EVO standard (server/ripper incl Roon option)>SOtM sms Ultra > Schiit Yggdrasil DAC >Arcam avr 550> Piega 50.2 ls. I’d prefer more mobility wegen choosing my music through an iPad. Which would mean (?) I’d leave the MacBook out of the chain. Or would it?
Core question: on which device best To install Roon core?

The 432 Evo is a Roon Core Partner. Run the Core on this. Existing owners can upgrade as follows:

Existing customers with any model produced since december 2014 can also upgrade to Roon. Some resellers are using Roon on their existing 432 EVO HIGH-END models without the HWBOOST and it runs fine. We can install Roon via VPN, and the processor and memory in every EVO since dec 2014 is guaranteed fast enough for Roon and all PCM & DSD64 files. Customers with a large music collection or a very big NAS should ask their reseller to double the RAM, for which €50 will be charged. Please contact your 432 EVO reseller for more info.

Then run Roon as a Remote on your MacBook as a Control, pointing to the Core on the EVO. You can also run the Roon Remote app on your iPad pointing to the EVO Core. You now have two Controls. You can leave the MacBook out, but why not have both ?

The SOtM sms-200 ultra is Roon Ready. Use this as your Output. SOtM have done a video setup demo.

It all fits.

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