Roon Core on Win7 Laptop vs Rock on NUC

Hi all,
I’m currently playing with Roon on a Win7 Laptop (core i3, 4GB ram and Samsung SSD). I’m finding that Tidal search is pretty slow and there’s a delay when skipping tracks.

At present my squeezebox server running on netgear Nas (intel atom, 1GB ram) runs smoother/snapier (even with Tidal) than roon does on laptop.

Before I commit to a NUC i7 with Rock, just would like to know if the search is quicker and that there would be no delay when skipping tracks?

One other issue I’m having is: my local library is on a NAS. I spent a lot of time ripping CD’s with EAC and retrieving all the correct metadata and album art etc…but roon seems to be retrieving its own art and also renaming some albums. I’ve gone through all the settings with a fine tooth comb on the Android Roon App and can’t find any setting to prevent this.

Any help will be much appreciated.


I found Roon works much better on my Nucleus than Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 computer with i7 and 32 gigs of RAM. I suspect you will find the same with NCU versus your Windows 7 laptop.

Just installed Roon app on daughters Amazon Fire HD and found the settings I was after regarding the album art and metadata. Guess android phone app is not so good.

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You are correct.

One tip is that the music should be local to the server and the NAS just used as a backup. That will remove any network delay when skipping tracks. Try a test. Disable the NUC storage location. Copy some files to the Win 7 laptop Music directory, and then enable it. (keep the NAS OFF the entire time or you will duplicate entries). Then see if you get the same delay when skipping tracks.

Any slowness with Tidal searches or playback is a network issue more so than a computer issue. One thing you can do, is check the DNS settings for your router(or Laptop), try using or Roon uses a lot of DNS calls and if there is a slowness there, it can increase wait times.

They are differnt UIs for different purposes. The phone UI does not have all the options and is mainly to control playback. Any settings should be done on a computer or a tablet with the full UI. I prefer a computer, as editing is easier with a real keyboard and mouse.

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