Roon Core on Windows 11?

I have been running the Roon Core on an HP Laptop on Window 10 for the past 18 months with absolutely no issues. The I7 machine runs great. The only software that I run on the computer besides Roon is antivirus software. This computer is only used for running the Roon Core

I have been running Windows updates and the most recent update is downloading Windows 11. I’m leery about doing the version update. I have done some searching on this forum as well as on the internet and I have not seen much information except for a few trouble issues with Roon and Windows 11. Should I do the update or just put it off until I have no choice?

Thanks in advance for you responses.

I was in the same boat. There is an option to skip for now. That was my choice.


I just changed a setting in the computer to stop updates so I don’t have to deal with a version update unless I have to.

I don’t believe Roon is officially supported on Windows 11. I would wait until it is.

I don’t run the core on Windows 11 but I can tell you the app works just fine. Word of caution, the update is a little rocky. My PC was dead slow for about a day before Windows 11 settled down. I thought I was going to really regret the update, but it works great now. If anything, it might be a little quicker than Windows 10. Having said that, unless you really want to update, I recommend waiting. Windows 11 has very little to offer over Windows 10. With normal every day use you probably can’t tell the difference, so why update? I think that’s also the consensus of the PC review community as well.