ROON Core operating system matters

I’ve tried ROON Core on Mac, Linux and Windows.

They all sound different, therefore it might be a good idea to try different operating systems to establish the best synergy.

Of course a certain ℅ of people will hear no difference.

For me a Debian base system (not the full OS) -as Core, sounds best with DeitPi (also Debian) - as Bridge.

What audio endpoints do you use?
I had Roon on Windows 10 and now on QNAP. Before this I had Sooloos with Core on MC200.
I use MS200 (Meridian) endpoints and I have not noticed any differance in the sound signature.
Just my experience. Chris

I use a RPi with DeitPi

Is that running RAAT and connected via the network to the Roon Core?

Yes “wired” network connection
RAAT running on Dietpi

What’s on the business end of your Roon Bridge…DAC, preamp, speakers/cans?

Dac = Audiogd Master 7
Preamp = Audiogd Master 1
Amp = Audiogd Master 3
Speakers = Dynaudio 82
Regenerated Power for Dac and Preamp = Audiogd HE350
RPi powered from GPIO via Linear Regulated supply
Furutech outlets
Professional Balanced power from Regenerated power which is feeding the Dac and Pre
Everything using Shunyata Venom power cords
All IC’s OCC copper

Were all three OS’s installed on the same hardware?

IMac boot camp for OS’s

Later I used different hardware for Linux and Windows only = ASRock mini itx motherboard, i7-4770k 3.9G processor, 16gram, Samsung SSD.

How would you describe the differences in sound between the OS’s ? Any suspicions about what elements of the OS may be causing such differences ?

I haven’t heard any recognisable difference between two different computers inputting to the mR, one running AO optimised Server 2012r2 and the other Windows 10.

Looks like you used Windows 10 and Windows optimized for audio.

What do you mean “Windows optimized for audio?”

What is AO optimised Server 2012r2?

Windows Server 2012R2 with Audiophile Optimizer which shuts down a lot of services and processes not required for audio.

I’ve quoted this post by Chris Connaker a few times on the forum and thought it a very significant result, but would be interested to hear more about the differences you’ve heard:

I setup five different computers as Roon servers to send audio to the Sonicorbiter SE.

  1. Windows 8.1 noisy, non-tweaked (hardware or software) PC with 6TB spinning drives of local storage.
  1. Windows 2012 R2 server SOtM / AO server with highly tweaker hardware and software.
  2. OS X El Capitan MacBook Pro
  3. OS X El Capitan / Windows 10 (Boot Camp) MacBook Pro retina
  4. OS X El Capitan iMac 5K

I couldn’t hear a hint of difference between the sources when sending audio over Ethernet to the RoonReady Sonicorbiter SE. This combined with the fact I have no idea how the source could possibly effect the sound of the Ethernet endpoint in this situation, lead me to believe the source has no effect on sound quality.

Note: I completely respect the opinions of others who will try similar tests as more RoonReady endpoints become available. In addition, my conclusion here has absolutely nothing to do with locally attached server / DAC combinations not using audio over Ethernet.

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You used it and didn’t hear a difference

I don’t expect to hear a difference between Windows and Windows. Any optimizations might only produce very small sonic differences.

So now different OS sound differently? [Moderated]

And bits are not bits anymore.

If there are differences they are also MEASURABLE (because if something leads to noticeable distortion or clipping you can measure it) and not with your ears because they are very bad measurement instruments.

And for a start you would have to use the exact SAME output level with all your tests. The first thing audiophiles normally use to fall over all the time. and again this cannot be measured with your ears :slight_smile:

I consider myself not as “certain” people. I can always hear a difference if i want and expect to do :slight_smile: But guys grab some measurement tools, learn how to use them first and THEN start posting such…(sorry lets call them personal assumptions).

That’s an interesting comparison. There seems to be similar results in this review:

Thank you for your post

Thank you again for staying on topic


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