Roon core running smoothly on QNAP TS-253D-4G

I got myself a QNAP TS-253D from Black Friday offer with 250gb SSD as system drive and 4TB HDD for storage. I do up I’ve been thinking about moving my core from my PC (midrange gaming PC) to dedicated device for a while. I also want to run Plex server on the same device so I ended up with QNAP which is capable of doing both, instead of NUC with Rock.

Anyway, just wanted to report that installation was quick and easy, everything works flawlessly. Though I did end up upgrading the stock 4gb of memory to 8gb for some headroom. I guess the Intel Celeron J4125 Quad Core processor has plenty enough power for Roon core. Processor load is between 2-5% when playing music. Scrolling through my ~3500 album library is smooth and quick. I don’t use any DSP-functions, just stream bit perfect signal to my Linn ADSM. It sounds great, no difference compared to my old solution.

Only problem seems to be that Roon core doesn’t automatically detect new albums added to the library. I need to do manual rescan every time I add something. I read elsewhere that this is a problem between NAS-storages and the most recent Roon core version and is investigated by Roon atm. I hope they are able fix it soon.

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I have just installed a QNAP TS-253D (it says that on the cardboard box but the invoice adds 4G at the end). I don’t know if these are different machines. The one I have has an Intel Celeron J4 125 quad core processor. I have read that an I3 chip is needed but assuming patouskii has the same machine as mine it should work. However, when I go to the Entertainment part of the App folder Roon is not there. The instructions on Google say you just click on the Roon icon and it will download but, as I say, it’s not there. Can anyone help?

QNAP has removed Roon app from their appstore temporarily because of security breach. Check out this thread for more info: QNAP security advisory for Roon Server - #6 by Miracle1980

I’m sure fixed version will return to QNAP appstore any day now.

And yes, Roon core runs smoothly on this NAS, no worries on that. Processor has plenty enough power. I recommend to add extra 4gb of RAM though, it helps a lot.

I have a TS-453D running Core for a few months perfectly.
3 HDD as RAID 5 for most music, and 1 2T SSD single disk have install Roon core and some of the music.

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Thanks patouskii. If it were not for your help I would have sent it back. However, I will stick with it and see what happens

Thanks again


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