ROON Core, server or Bridge on new PC

Hi guys,

Im finishing building my PC/server ( only one machine: Asus Rog Strix z490-E + Intel i7-10700K ), i remember to install ROON on my MacMini in a heartbeat, but im having difficulty to find the software to install in this machine:

I want to install it in a Linux environment, any input would be so helpful and appreciate


And scroll down to see all the download options.

I run Roon on Linux on much lower specs PC.
It runs perfectly since I installed it the first time.
Setup itself is a breeze if you follow the easy steps via console. It does what I need so I bought life license. No regrets.

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Thanks Michal,

The only time i have dowloaded ROON was in a MacMini years ago, i use it now a s a remote and been using Euphony ( Stylus EP + Roon ), which both Linux and Roon are in the Euphony software itself, i dont have a clue how to install ROON in my new dedicated server where im guessing i need to install Linux first, have very little knowledge on this, Is there any video out there perhaps ?


Google for “install ubuntu 20.04 desktop” first.
Plenty of info on how to will show up.
When installed, open the console to be able to send commands to Ubuntu and copy/paste below lines. Execute one by one (paste first line then press ENTER, paste and execute next till all done)

curl -O

chmod +x

sudo ./

And that should be all.

I posted above commands from there. That worked for me.

To stop, start and restart the Roon core use commands under console respectively:

sudo systemctl start roon
sudo systemctl stop roon
sudo systemctl restart roon

To check status:

sudo systemctl status roon

I’m not Linux guru so you not need to be either :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i going to try do it my self from here

Appreciate this


I think you will also need to de-register the Roon from your current machine where you are running it now.
Do that before the Roon installation on your new Ubuntu PC.

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No, don’t de-register (“unauthorize”) your current Roon Core first before installing a new Core. It’s not necessary. See this Help article for what to do.

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Thanks Geoff, I was under impression that you can’t have 2 instances of Roon running at the same time.
If that’s not the case, then it makes the thing even easier.

EDIT: oh just noticed it will ask you to de-register the other server. Great!

oh and every roon above should be roonserver
Sorry for the mistake.

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Something wrong its making my server when tried to install Ubuntu 20.04, it boots with the right menu where appears UBUNTU at the top of choices and once i click on it it goes black and then the PC freezes and No longer recognizes the USB stick…I have tried with two USB sticks and the same…Would something on BIOS should be set up or changed in order to be able to run UBUNTU fine ?

Thanks !