Roon Core to AVR via HDMI is limited to 16bit/48Khz (MQA)

Hi, I am running Rock Core on the recommended NUC hardware. I am using Tidal MQA as the source and feeding the signal via HDMI to my AVR. Looking at the signal chain, the source is MQA authenticated and is passed through RAAT, then to ALSA on HDMI, but my AVR reports the signal is only 16bit 44.1 or 48Khz.

When I run my NVIDIA shield via HDMI, it fully passes the MQA (the first unfold) and I am able to play at 24/96.

Under audio set up, I have the Nuc set up as MQA decoder only, with MQA core decoder enabled. Can someone help?

Solved. This was a beginner’s error. I had to set MQA Capability to No MQA Support so that Roon could decode using the software. All is set.