Roon core transfer/install on new computer

How can I install roon core on a new computer

This has all you need:

Thank you!

Would I benefit from installing roon core on mac mini and connect it directly to my Dac? Now I have installed roon core on pc and using Rassberry pi as end point connected to my Dac. Sound quallity?

Via an end point is best practice.

Hello Rene,
I am new to Roon, started yesterday.
At this point I am mainly streaming Tidal with no ripped CD’s.
If my (windows 10 PC) had to go for servicing (things break down from time to time)
would I still have to follow the entire procedure you have outlined?
Most PC repairs are only a few days I find, could I simply log into Roon on a 2nd computer
This way I could still use Roon for the few days PC would be not in my house.

If you installed Roon on that second computer and then authorised it to run as Roon Core when the time came to use it, yes that should be fine.
If you still are mostly just streaming files, your present streaming account will sync up on that new pc as well.
Only thing you would be missing would be any metadata edits you may have made if you choose that route.
Probably not very important if all you are doing is to use the second backup PC to keep the music flowing!

Thanks for the speedy response.
I have downloaded Roon on a 2nd PC.
Have a good day.

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