Roon Core vs Roon Server vs Roon

been using Roon Server on a Mac Mini server for a year or more. it seems new architecture doesn’t use Server. now something called Core. but I can’t find anything called Core to download and install and run. even the Roon Remote app on my phone says it’s looking for Core.

what is Core? where do I get it? how do I get ARC and Roon Remote to find it and play music from it?

am I the only one that finds all this new naming very confusing?

There a three downloads available: Roon, Roon Server, and Roon Bridge. Roon has a GUI, and may be your Core; Roon Server is a Core, but has no GUI. Roon Bridge is for connecting a DAC to your network.

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There has always been Roon server and Roon, Roon core refers to the Core server software which is the brain of Roon. This can be just the server on its own which is headless and has no UI, you use Roon app to connect and control it or it’s the full Roon app which can run as a server and the front end. Sound like you have updated Roon but not updated all the other remote apps, they all need to be on the same version.

thank you. so the plain Roon app is a Core. not great naming. it seems that ARC and Roon Remote apps want the regular Roon app running and not Server. they don’t seem to find or connect to Server but they do seem to function when regular Roon app is running on the Mini.

thank you for clarifying

No, both Roon and Roon Server can be your core. Roon Remote and ARC connect to the core, which can be Roon or Roon Server. As previously stated, the only difference is the GUI.

If you have both Roon and Roon Server installed on the Mac Mini, only one can be Core. This may be the reason you can only connect to [regular] Roon.

The core is just another name Roon give the server aspect of a Roon install it’s always been called this nothing has changed here at all from day one. The name of the software components has not changed they are still Roon and Roon Server and Roon Bridge.

One is designed to run on a pc in the background purely as server and nothing more, hence its name Roon Server. The full Roon app runs the server part when it’s open but also has all the the interface to control it and manage it. This version can be also used purely as Roon remote on another pc if your running Roon Server on one pc. Roon bridge is to turn a pc or a raspberry pi computer into an audio endpoint to play music to. The apps on phones and tablets are purely interfaces to allow control of Roon server and to play music to your zones.

@Stephen_Schwerdfeger - Perhaps a read of this article on Roon’s architecture might help. There are three basic architectural components, which are packaged together in different ways to give the various apps that you can download and install…