Roon could not found a radio station at this URL

I have a radiao ststion URL:,This link works fine on other music players, such as Foobar2000, VLC, Tunein … But it can’t be added in roon, it shows"Roon could not found a radio station at this URL"
Is there any way to fix it? Thanks

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Scroll all the way down plz.

I’m sorry @wei_yi , as @fietser implied, Roon won’t accept the underlying chunked stream, and I haven’t been able to find an alternative.

Hello @wei_yi /@BrianW ,

Is this issue still current? I tried that link but it appears to be broken even in a regular browser, it just gives me an Unknown ID error.

I think this is a Taiwanese classical station that doesn’t have its own website, but, in common with many other stations, uses cooltv to host streams.

Looking at it appears that an ID query string is now needed, so
is valid.

It’s a chunked .ts stream and Roon won’t play it.