Roon couldn’t connect to HQPlayer

I am very new to HQPlayer and has been trying to try it to find out what kind of positive impact it brings to my existing system. However trying several times, I cannot get it link up with Roon play through my home system.

Both Roon & HQPlayer are installed on a late 2012 Mac mini (Catalina). The HQPlayer is on version 481 2 as the newer ones cannot work on this old Mac mini.

The following are the components used and the settings:

  1. Apple Mac mini (late 2012) on Catalina 10.15.7
    Both Roon & HQPlayer are installed in this Mac mini

  2. Sonore Optical Rendu
    Sonicorbiter Settings (if you use Sonore products) via

  • Network Player - Manage
  • click on Apps - HQPlayer NAA
  • the next page will show HQPlayer’s Network Audio Daemon (NAA). Click on Restart NAA HQPlayer
  1. Holo Audio May KTE

  2. HQPlayer (HQPlayer4Desktop-x64-481 2.dmg)
    HQP 4 Desktop Settings:

  • File-Settings - Output Device Setting - Backend - NetworkAudioAdapter
  • File-Settings - Output Device Setting - Device - (Select your device from the drop down menu)
  1. Roon
    Roon Settings:
  • Setup - HQPlayer - Add HQPlayer “localhost”
  • Audio Settings - select HQPlayer (or whatever you’ve named it)

With these settings, it does not work. Is there anything I have done incorrectly? Kindly advise.

Thank you.


Try IP address of your Mac ?

See this post just today

Thank you for the suggestion.
Have replaced localhost to both lan connection IP address and wireless connection IP address, both do not work. “Roon couldn’t connect to HQPlayer”

It states that “requirks HQPlayer Desktop 4.16.2+ or HQPlayer Embedded 4.29.3+”. Am on 481 2(probably 4.8.1?). Just downloaded the latest 4.19.0, same outcome.

After fiddling around with the HQPlayer settings, found that by using “NetworkAudioAdapter IPv6” under Backend, it works now.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: