Roon crash iOS iPhone x

Is anyone else finding that roon iPhone crashes within 30 seconds I don’t even have to do anything. Just open it, leave it and it crashes.



Same happens to me on an iPhone 12 Pro

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The same was happening to me on an iPhone SE 2020 but rebooting the phone seemed to fix it. If that doesn’t work, after rebooting, try deleting then re-installing the app.

UPDATE: fixed with build 970

I’m on 1.8.00988 and still crashing. Roon is 100% useless atm

Updated iOS, updated Roon app and still annoying app crashes on iPhone X.

I’ve never had any issues with Roon, hopefully this isn’t the start of more issues!

As stated by the Roon people in the update to build 1021 “we have implemented some additional tooling which will allow our support team to better isolate some reported issues with iOS crashes”
You must receive much information, I alone produce two dozen of crashes in a single eventing.
Does thuis mean that it will be solved soon. Really hope that, otherwise all my payments are not spent well.

I too find the use of Roon on the iOS completely unusable as it continuously crashes - even after reboot and reinstall

Version 1.8 build 1021

Figured out how to fix:

  1. Delete Roon App
  2. Reboot iOS
  3. Re-install Roon App

Just deleting app without reboot iOS will not fix issue. Hopefully it continues working.