Roon crashes on iPhone when scrolling

If I launch the Roon app, see the little loading icon and scroll before the “New for you” sections loads, the app crashes.

If I let it load that section, it does not crash.

Is this just me? I can trigger the crash 100% of the time (so far).

iOS 15.6
iPhone 13 mini

have you got the latest roon app on the iOS app store?

I do indeed

Try clearing the image cache in iOS roon settings, go to settings / setup type in the clear cache Burton, then delete the app from the iPhone and reinstall it from the App Store.

It should correct the issue. I do not have the iPhone 13 but have the 12 and iPad M1, had a similar issue some time ago and made the above process, has been working since then.

That fixed it, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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