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So far the best media player is pretty much useless outside of your home. This is a huge oversight on Roon’s part, especially for anyone even slightly technically inclined since we’re all running always on 24/7 home server infrastructure.
Surely one of you has been smart enough to figure out how to reverse proxy Roon running on a local server? VPN as a suggestion is pointless since I already run a different one on my phone and there’s no reason to VPN into your own network when your services are available remotely anyways.
I’m frankly shocked that Roon doesn’t offer this and would love some explanation as to why.
It can’t be that they don’t think its users are too mentally deficient to configure a basic reverse proxy instead of needing to VPN into their home network to listen to a couple songs???

Your last sentence is simply unhelpful.

I assume that, like me, you have subscriptions to streaming services (tidal and qubuz in my case) and you carry copies of music/media on your phone/ipad/computer - so the fact you CURRENTLY can access the Roon core/server in your home should be no great loss – if you are travelling for a short while. just go to the source of the streams you access with your Roon core/server and stream your music from them.

Obviously, if you are like me and you tend (before covid) to spend large parts of the year traveling/working away from home then you may wish to access much more than a few songs. So the alternative is to carry your Roon core/server with you - when I first subscribed my core/server used to be on a MacBookPro (MBP) . With Covid lockdowns etc and my spending vast amounts of time at home I moved my home set up onto a Roon Nucleus+ (Plus), which allowed me to free up my MBP.

When the current restrictions are over and I am fully vaccinated against C-19 and everything else I will start travelling again, which means do I take my Roon core/server with me or ?

The following is a pain or costly depending on your view:

a) you could switch your Roon core/server to, from your home system to a laptop when you travel - obviously you need to back up your database/settings first and restore them when you travel. AND obviously anyone else in your home who would access the core/server looses out.

b) you could buy a 2nd Roon license and run 2 cores/servers in parallel - so you do not need to migrate each time. However, since Roon does not sync across cores/servers if you want to access the latest playlists etc then you are in the back-up/restore game again.

Obviously you must have great wifi when you travel and this is quite rare outside of bigger cities and certainly in my favourite camp in the Masai Mara. So I tend to have to travel with music I own on both my phones and MBP.

Neither of those options makes any sense.

I do indeed use a streaming service, Qobuz and I quite like it. However I also have easily half a million tracks in my main Roon library that are stored locally. It’s around 14TB at the moment.

So your option is, bring 14TB + a music server around with me or stream from a streaming service, that is missing large swaths of my library?

I would be perfectly comfortable hosting this locally or tossing it on a server in the cloud but noooo, apparently roon is too restrictive for that? It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

I should not need to have an always on (and in this case, super unhelpful since its tied back to my home connection) VPN to listen to music outside of my house. I specifically avoid VPNs, instead favoring reverse proxying for obvious reasons, including making it easier for friends who share my media to get access.

I have to ask just how often do you listen to more than 2-3% of your half a million tracks? Do you need 14TB with you to do your job?
If not then just do what the rest of us with large libraries do – pick what you want to listen to this month and carry these with you and stream the rest if you need to.
Life is really simple for most of us - we work out what product meets most of our needs and work around the gaps. Roon is Roon it does what it does – the owners of Roon have a business model that works for them and the vast majority of their customers. There will always be some who sit in the 0.1% who want something that is just not available on the platform. These folk swap platforms and discover there is no mass market solution that works for them. Sounds like you are in this group.
Roon has a development “pipeline”, this and competition will ensure they keep improving their product.

Do take care with “for obvious reasons, including making it easier for friends who share my media to get access” – such file sharing being illegal and obviously Roon has to try to prevent it.

Your accusation that folk are being mentally deficient is offensive and you really need to get some fresh air before making this type of comment.

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