Roon Database Stored in SMB/CIFS Shares [SOLVED]

RoonServer is running in an Ubuntu vps. The library is in an smb share located within the same server. This has been running great.

Because of limited storage in the vps, I would like to move the RoonServer database also into smb shares. I have ~5,000 music files and growing fast so having the database in an smb running in a raid server future proofs my set-up.

Has anyone accomplished this? When I do a symlink to the smb share, RoonServer hangs at “initializing”. It looks like the RoonServer database can only run as a root and it cannot be assigned another uid. Anyone knows of a workaround?

Why not use NFS with soft mounts? That’s how I deployed mine.

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Great to know you got it working with NFS.

My problem is I got at least 10 other clients running Windows 10 - PC’s, NUC’s, Surface, etc. using the SMB resource. How were you able to handle the Windows clients to use NFS? What client software are you using? Last time I checked, NFS for Windows is a disaster unless the Enterprise version is used.

I set up two shares on the same directory, afs and nfs. I didn’t have any issue with using the two protocols at once.

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That will make my set-up a little tricky. Didn’t it work just by NFS alone? AFS in Windows requires several apps to load for each client so that is a no go for me.

You can use SMB for Windows and NFS for Linux. Should not be any issue.

I quit on SMB. I can’t get rid of the lock problem in combination with symlink. NFS will probably work but it will require a major change in my set-up with various Windows PC’s. Anyway, I resolved the problem by creating a virtual drive and symlink RoonServer and RAAT database to the virtual drive. Duh. Set-up look like:

SmartOS (bare metal) ► Samba in CentOS (Virtualized) ► SMB/CIFS for library (disk array)
SmartOS (bare metal) ► Roon in Ubuntu (Virtualized) ► Virtual Drive - Roon Database (disk array)

It works very well. Library loading with ~5k music files is not as slow as I expected.

Thanks Peter.