Roon Dealer said hold off buying Nucleus

Seems there may be news about Roon nucleus.
Should I delay?
Maybe going to cloud. Product being phased out?

Dealers no longer selling?

Very strange

What dealer told you this?

The Nucleus is being actively sold by hundreds of dealers and directly in the US via Amazon.

It is in stock and shipping. Purchase on Amazon today and pay for expedited shipping and you can have it before the end of the week.

There is no phase out and we are not going to cloud.


But probably there must be something to it…
This link does this:

Non-US Amazon doesn’t show the Nucleus, because… non-US Amazon doesn’t sell Nucleus. So much for your conspiracy theory.

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You should go to cloud! :slight_smile:

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Sorry - but I do not speak english very well - so I don’t understand what do you mean…

RoonLabs only sells Nucleus to Amazon customers in the United States.

If your IP address (and / or your delivery address) is NOT in the United States, Amazon does not show you Nucleus.

That is why RoonLabs’ website says “US Only”.

It is as simple as that, and there is nothing else to it.

If you have any doubts about that, @danny, who is one of the owners of RoonLabs on top of being an executive, clearly and publicly stated that the dealer was wrong.

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Sorry - but it is NOT true. Amazon DO show me Nucleus when my IP address is NOT in the United States:

And so besides - why you want me to buy Nucleus in the US?
Why pay Duty and Tax when I can buy it legally in Europe:

I don’t understand any of this - buying Nucleus is terribly complicated …

It’s very simple if you go to

The dealer network had improved for my location. About a year ago there was only one, I rang them up they didn’t seem to want the business and I went for building a fanless NUC; sourcing the fanless case wasn’t a good experience but getting a nucleus wasn’t an option at time unfortunately.

What’s so difficult

See the attached screenshot of my exchange from a few months ago with RoonLabs’ support…

I don’t care what you buy, or where you buy it. I’m just trying to make you profit from my past mistakes, by explaining to you how things work. Shocking, I know, I know…

User is in the United States of America: click-click, buy Nucleus from Amazon.

User is NOT in the United States of America: click, click, look at map for their location, pick the phone up, call a local dealer, buy Nucleus. If there is no (reasonably) local dealer, well… buy Nucleus from the closest dealer ?

Now, what you’re getting when you buy Nucleus over just buying a NUC and installing ROCK on it (or asking your friendly local computer store / your friendly local teenager to do it) is service: someone else bothers with picking a nice silent case and setting things up on your network. That’s why Nucleus is so much more expensive than just getting bits and pieces and doing it yourself. So you’re entirely right that you probably should not buy from the United States if you live in Germany.

Have learned that Roon only sells to Amazon customers.
A dealer told me he could not include a nucleus in a shopping cart.

Dealers can sell via ‘special’ order but can’t charge you via their existing website selling process, ie shopping cart.

What is going on?

I believe this has been the case from the very beginning. Could have something to do with the fact that through an online only system, dealers can more easily skip on the after sales support (such as installing the nucleus at the customer location).

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Well, but what’s the problem - maybe buying other computer configured in this way is worth considering? Does the “string of characters” on the casing matter so much? Isn’t it just a piece of very good hardware? I don’t know.

Rubbish. Dealers are selling direct.

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In the US, we sell direct to end-users and we sell to dealers who then sell in-store.
In the rest of the world, we sell to distributors who then sell to dealers who are local to their country.

In the US, we set up the rules for dealers we sell to, which includes no online sales (as we would be in direct competition with their sales channel).
In the rest of the world, distributors make up the rules for their dealers (but they have to sell within their region).

It is common practice to place restrictions on sales based on geography and channels, to avoid competition amongst dealers, and with the manufacturer.


Don’t get it, just go to a recommended dealer and purchase, why all this nonsense? Amazon USA do this, Europe don’t, what’s the problem?

No the best option as far as consumers are concerned :thinking: I tought competition was good …

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The problem is a dealer can ship to me in 2 days which they do when they have stock, but Roon has u wait a lot longer when ordered thru amazon. That’s a problem.