Roon dedicated machine

I have a laptop 16Gb with no function. So I thought to turn it into a dedicated Roon server. I always hear the linux setup is the most efficient and fast one, but I have not much experience with that. So may be someone knows a link to a clear and complete guide how to set up the most efficient Roon server?

I doubt there is an up-to-date guide, but that shouldn’t prevent you from successfully installing Roon on Linux. I, and others, will be happy to guide you.

First, please confirm the laptop specification, i.e., processor, and the size of the SSD. Likewise, where are your music files stored?

Finally, do you want a server with command-line access, something with a web-gui for maintenance, or a graphical user interface?

My recommendation would be Ubuntu 22.04 server running the Cockpit web interface.

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Hello Martin,

Thank you for the advice.

It is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, i7-6650U CPU @ 2,2Ghz, 16Gb RAM, 512 GB SSD.

Currently, I have my music library on another windows 10 unit, on a secondary disk. Total size is about 400 Gb


Keep in mind that the Core should be connected via ethernet.