Roon defects in trial period from Spain

The most important thing is that the program can’t load my entire collection which is very extensive

From 20,000 cds is unstable and hangs … the library gets corrupted, the program doesn’t start and you have to back up.

I’ve already turned off Windows 10 suspension but it still gets corrupted

My system is i5 with 8 gb of ram and several hard drives

Works perfectly with JRIVER 27

Roon has a serious problem loading classical music records

I also repeat problems already reported:

• Does not read the cue of flac files

• Does not read files APE of monkey’s audio that in classic music are the usual

• Does not accept SACD iso files

• Does not allow browsing pc folders

• Does not allow you to play roon files from the outside

• Not being able to make several bookstores like jriver (e.g. classical, jazz and rock) becomes very slow

• The initial update should always be optional because booting takes a long time

• The Spanish translation is very poor and directly does not exist in the references to artists or albums

First question is your C drive an SSD or a HDD , if it’s not an SSD you will struggle anyway.

Try splitting your collection down into sub folders so that you load less at one go, 20 000 is a lot to do at one go. Also bear in mind once imported Roon will do a lot of work in the background organizing metadata etc so your PC will churn away. I would do maybe a 1000 at a time

An i5 may just cut it but 8gb for that size library is probably borderline JRiver has a much smaller memory requirement than Roon . My 6000 album library takes up around 3gb my PC is i7, 7700 3.3 ghz RAM 16gb On Windows 10. There are hardware guides in the Knowledge Base

There are users with big libraries like this but I suspect they are rare, strictly Roon has no library size limit but as you are seeing loading is somewhat time and PC resource consuming

Roon unfortunately doesn’t support CUE/FLAC files , you can use JRiver to split them into individual files , works fine BUT 20,000 albums WOW …it will take a while , about 2 mins/CD

If any of your list are deal breakers Roon is not for you. Folder Navigation will never happen , as per Roon COO. The split cue stuff, SACD ISO have been requests for ever with no sign

Roon mobile is said to be “coming soon” but has been for years

I run a dual system JRiver/Roon for much of the above and Box Set management


What do you mean by ‘bookstores’? I wonder if there is a work around…

In JRiver there is a built in expression language and a Rules engine, so you can create a view of say albums and apply a rule

In my case my classical files are in a folder F:\music library\02 - Classical , so I can set a rule

[filename (path)] Contains ‘02 - Classical’

and I see just classical. You can extend the rules additively almost indefinitely where there is tag (even user defined tags) eg you can even define a sub set of Composers say your top 10 and set

[composer] in ‘Bach’, ‘Beethoven’ etc

It’s all visual wizards, it’s one of JRivers biggest features. All the views you define are visible in JRemote the mobile app

Okay, I also use JRiver and know about those features (albeit I use them clumsily). I didn’t know if this was a specific term JRiver used that had another equivalence.
I suppose you could do something similar in Roon too, it just would be cludgier to switch on/off the storage drives.

I think bookstore may have got distorted in the translation or Juan’s English. I have never heard the term wrt jriver

I’m sorry … I wanted to say files library


Pd… In spanish, bookstore and library are Synonyms

My hard drive is ssd …

I think then that to use Roon comfortably I must exchange the computer for a more powerful one

I’ll think about it.

I just invested in a chord qtest and in speakers kef ls50 almost 2500 $ and that should wait

I like what Roon offers and I’m really sorry

Hi @juan_pina1
I bookmarked this explanation from Roon’s CTO regarding hardware. He explains why Roon makes demands on hardware that other programs do not.
If Roon isn’t suitable for you, that’s fine. Only you can judge. But I think it can help to understand why Roon behaves the way it does.

Don’t know how long you trialed Roon, but your post touched on mostly everything people have been complaining about for quite awhile.

Well done.

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Thank you for the information

From what I read there effectively, managing my music collection is going to need a new computer

However that information is not so clear when you first subscribe

You have to enter the community more do the 14 days trial (working hard many hours) to find out

From what I see you will have to save for a new PC

Well, for now I’m staying with JRIVER, FOOBAR 2000. MUSIC BEE, QOBUZ and probably IDAGIO plus Spotify for the street

THANKS AGAIN :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Did you spot the new Monthly Subscription, it’s a way of extending your trial without committing too much.

To trial Roon maybe create a library from a small part of your files, your PC will cope with a reasonable size library, say 50 k tracks

That way you can see if Roon fits for you before spending on a new PC

Good luck