Roon + Devialet (Expert) : my music has never sounded better

This is a shout-out to the Roon team for giving me a wonderful solution. For a few years, I struggled to get Devialet AIR working correctly. As with many, I would get clicks, stutters, white noise, etc. When Roon developed its solution to access Devialet AIR, I have not had one significant problem. My music – both streaming and NAS library – have never sounded better. From a technical perspective, everything works spectacularly. Plus, I love the Roon ecosystem.

My set-up: Devialet Expert 200, connected by Ethernet to a switch, which also connects to my Synology DS716 with dual WD Red drives. Roon core is on a Win10 HP Spectre x360 (i7 processor/16GB RAM). My computer sits in a separate room than the Devialet/switch/NAS, which are in an audio cabinet. I have zero noise issues and fast access to both streaming and the NAS library. Finally, I have Google WiFi, a robust, quick and zero-problem solution (Comcast supplies Internet). BTW, I have a lifetime Roon subscription. Oh, I also have a Bluesound Node2 in the system and can play it directly to the Devialet or via Roon.


Roon has saved Devialet. I don’t know whether it sounds better - but there is a “relaxation” factor. Before Roon, I was always on edge wondering when the next problem would occur. With Roon, I can simply relax and enjoy the music. I also have a Bluesound node 2 attached to my Devialet which I was using as a workaround for the Devialet Air problems, which I now only use to stream Qobuz to my Devialet - using the BluOS app.

Otherwise, I now use Roon for both Devialet and my other Bluesound speakers. (My musical Nirvana would be Roon and Qobuz getting together - which I know is not likely to happen any time soon).

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Roon RAAT should be around the corner too

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