Roon disconnects

Roon nucleus fails to detect linn streamers intermittently. When I CAN play music/radio Roon disconnects after a few seconds. I have rebooted and powered off/on both aRoon as well as both streamers.I notice d the version on settings was 1.0 whereas I read elsewhere there is a version 1.8!!!

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Hey Wesley, are you still having problems after updating to Build 882? If so, can you provide more details about your network? Specifically, the model names of the networking gear you’re using (routers/switches/etc) and how everything is connected (wifi/ethernet).

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for responding.
I replied to a message from Rebeka, a colleague of yours, to indicate that the issue had resolved itself itself and that the software was fully operational now with no glitches.
Many Thanks once again,

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