Roon Display on Browser or Small WIndow?

Is there a way to either display the track I’m playing on a browser like Chrome or is there a small pop-up window available? Every time I want to see what’s playing I have to toggle back to the app.

I tried to cut and paste the display link from Settings into a Chrome Browser window, but I am not sure if my security settings are blocking it as all I see on the webpage is the Roon logo.


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If you click on the volume icon on the lower right of your Roon app window, you’ll find the screen icon. Click it and from there you can start the display.

This screen icon will only be visible as long as you have the Roon Display URL open in your browser.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 4.41.52 PM

Wow. that was too fast and too easy!!!


If you also want to change tracks, volume, or zone (instead of just see what’s playing) install Roon Extensions + the Web Controller extension.

I put some tips here.

Looks like this and dynamically scales to any size. There are also options for Light, Dark, or Dynamic background (the latter below, matching the cover art).

Is there a Mac OS version available?


Yes here are some instructions that I made today:

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