Roon Display wave form

Hi, why does the waveform look different on display when compared to the windows program? Which is accurate? The display looks miles better. !
My Display (TV via nvidia shield TV)

My laptop

I think one of the pics did not link in.

That being said, my waveforms look pretty much the same. Maybe the difference is the greater space provided in the Web Display

Yeah the waveform looks much nicer and less compressed on the display vs my laptop app. I don’t care if I’m honest but thought it may be worth pointing out.

I am also curious to find out where the display waveform comes from.

Roon generates it during audio analysis during setup

Here is an example. I compare masterings a lot, so the waveform feature in Roon is very helpful to me. Having the waveform be more accurate on the iPad would be wonderful!

Another example:

The waveform seekbar is good, but in my opinion it’s so small and compressed so as to be hardly worthwhile. I’ve been requesting improvements to the seekbar since 2015:

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