Roon displaying "MQA" for MQA files [Released in Roon 1.2]

MQA files are finally for sale. These files show up as FLAC in Roon. This is of course not wrong.

But it would be great if Roon could detect that they are MQA files (whether from the extension or from the audio data I’m not sure) and display them as such.

The reason I want this is to automate focussing on them.


I’d also like to see the MQA logo superimposed over the artwork in the album browser.


Yes, it would seem pretty important to be able to identify MQA files

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Perhaps not easy unless TIDAL makes it so, but I would like to browse MQA (as a destination format) when it starts to be streamed by TIDAL.

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I was thinking of downloads. I can see it’s more complicated with Tidal.

But if they put the request in now, maybe the Tidal metadata database can include the information in a way which Roon can use?

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This thread was intended to request a way of identifying and focussing on MQA files… :smile:

OK, sorry…
I’ve used “MQA” as the “version” for the moment

Shouldn’t MQA be handled the same as hi-res, mp3 etc… No mention/logo except in the quality description. You can add tags yourself.
The custom logo-tag combination may be an interesting one but I already think the Tidal logo is pushing it, I’d prefer the album-art as clean and original as possible.

Yes, MQA24/192, MQA24/96,… DSD128,DSD64… 24/192,24/96… mp3, CD,… is not bad.

Me too, and the TIDAL roll out doesn’t seem too far away.

I realise from an earlier comment by @danny that the Roon team is/was waiting for information from MQA, but I hope that this blockage has eased. I hope we will be able to:

(a) search for MQA in our collection
(b) have MQA displayed on Album Detail pages and in the Signal Chain pop-up.
© view/search MQA in TIDAL.

Thanks guys.

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It looks like there are at least two (2) MQA file types:

  1. MQA - green LED in Meridian Explorer² - the artist has signed the file of.

  2. MQA Studio - blue LED in Meridian Explorer² - the mastering studio has signed the file of.

Audio part is the same (!)

For Roon this means it’s not one, but two indicators (or one with two modes).

I’m with Carl, et al. I’d like to see the MQA logo appended to the resolution or somewhere over the logo. Color coding to match the studio buy-off or artist buy-off may be extravagant.

Is this so you can tell when it sounds better :wink:

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Now, now, Nick, play nice.

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No. its so we can look at the lights. The lights! Don’t be a kill joy :slightly_smiling:

But where’s the fun in that :grin:

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I discovered I can temporarily put it in the Version field. I say temporarily until there is way for the software to handle so I don’t have to rely on my diminishing memory. The idea behind the label is to help me do A/B comparison on a variety of software/music and hardware/devices, but thanks for asking Nick. :grinning:

Great idea to use the Version field—makes for easy A/B testing.

I just installed the Mytek MQA firmware update for my Brooklyn DAC. I’ll have lots of listening to do.

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You are unlikely to need to use the version field for long :wink:

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