Roon does hardware [Nucleus introduced in Munich]

Direct sales is very different from a dealer network system, (or a one of private sale). The store where you try and buy this needs it’s profit too and these won’t be high sales products.

There is no need or profit for Roon to compete with budget options, cheap solutions are already possible with the software and almost any system you choose. You just have to install Roon yourself.

I’m not criticising the pricing, as I don’t know the process behind it. However, I’m guessing some of the folks who bought NUCs in advance will breathe a sigh of relief that the ‘surprise’ ROCK offering does not really compete in the same general price area.


And if installing ROCK is as easy as DietPi anyone who knows how to download a file can do it too :slight_smile:

Way easier. :slight_smile:

That case with the Roon logo on it is WAY sexy. Make the logo light up (or, better yet, make it move like it does on the waiting screen), and I might consider upgrading from my fanless NUC.

Great news about the sooner-than-later release date for ROCK! Best of luck to the Nucleus! If it goes well, I hope you guys consider end-points.

As to the price, I think it is very fair, given all the margins and costs at play for RoonLabs.

Can’t wait to see the Nucleus at this year’s RMAF!!!

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Why gripe about the price (and I appreciate it’s not all griping) when you could instead applaud Roon that although they have a hardware offering at a price point you are not happy with that they still provide the software (FREE) for you to roll your own.

I think this is exceptional and needs to be noted and appreciated.

Well done Roon, I feel more a part of a the Roon community today than I ever have and there does indeed seem to be a strong community element and long may it continue.



The thing that i hope changes is the requirement that an internal HD be wiped clean and music manually copied. I already have an HD filled to use with ROCK.

Boy was I wrong!.. :fearful:

If there is any other good thing about this hardware announcement is that ROCK may develop into full blown Linux Roon Server and all it’s capabilities. Previously, the premise is to just have ROCK with basic features for easy installs.

I’m afraid this is a misconception of ROCK and Roon Server. An installation of ROCK (or Roon OS) will run exactly the same full-featured Linux Roon Server as any other Linux installation (or Windows or Mac).

The limitations of ROCK are all to do with running anything else except Roon. It is a specialised operating system designed to run only Roon Server and a limited number of ancillary programs.

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I wonder is Roon OS / ROCK / Nucleus capable of running also HQPlayer?

No it will not be…its a closed OS support for only Roon and anything RoonLabs would release as part of that.

Thanks for this clarification :slight_smile:

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A Vortexbox Nova includes the ability to switch through a number of features using a web GUI, including HQPlayer.

Hopefully only a “timing of announcement” thing rather than technical? Anyway will await your further pronouncement with baited breath, and some trepidation :grimacing:

Darko has a video of Danny talking about Nucleus and ROCK here:

Very clear and concise.

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Are there any power management options built in or are these designed to be ‘always on’ devices?

Tons of power management stuff was added so it runs cool until it needs to run full blast. It’s meant to run always on.

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Wow that’s certainly shattered my mental picture of @danny as middle aged and portly, who are the other guys in the picture?