Roon does not display new flac files


Regularly when I add a new album on my NAS share, Roon is showing only some of the new files. The missing files are only visible if I force a full rescan.

Roon server version is the last one. My music files (flac) are stored on a QNAP NAS (TVS-471). Roon server is running on a Win10 headless computer (core i7 with 16Gb ram and 1 ssd) with the NAS music share mapped as Z: drive via Ethernet.

Is there any tip to solve this issue? Thank you.

Hi @Didier,

Just to verify — Do you mean that sometimes when you add media to the folder it imports, or that when you add media to the folder, only a small subset of the files import? If the latter, are albums placed in the same directory being partially imported as well?

Hi Dylan,

I add a new folder containing let’s say 8 flac files of the same album in my music share and only 1 or 2 of these files are visible in Roon until I do a full rescan.

Thank you.

Every once in a while i have the same problem and just force the full rescan to occur myself. I’m not sure why it happens and since I am cycling between rock installations, sometimes I think it has to do with authorizing and unauthorizing the nuc but I’m not sure. A full rescan should clean this up. Remember to do backups as well.

Some NAS do not notify file changes/additions in a timely fashion. This includes the symptom of partially seeing some files but not the whole album in Roon. If you wait until the time indicated in Roon’s storage rescan settings, do the files then show up?

Since this is a source of potential frustration, I think the dev team is always reviewing this area to see if there are things they can do to improve things. But, as far as I know, there are limits because the issue is not in Roon but the NAS.

If you want the files immediately, then you will have to do a rescan. OR, you could move your files locally and just use the NAS as a backup copy. This is what I do. There are many threads discussing this if you want to give them a look:

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Hi @Didier,

@Rugby raised some great points, we have found that this is typically due to the way that NAS shares report changes to Roon, and it sometimes take a bit of time until the next full scan. You can try editing your Automatic Rescan Interval to see if it helps in the settings for the storage location:

Dear All,

OK, thank you for these explanations.

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