Roon does not recognize

Dear all

I‘ve installed successfully Ropieee to my Raspberry Pi3 with Hifiberry DAC Pro. I‘ve can also enter the settings of Ropieee with my computer. Anyway Roon is not showing Ropieee under ‚Audio‘. The Raspberry is attached via Chinch to my Yamaha AS810…

Can someone help?

Many thanks

Have you rebooted after changing the settings to the Hifiberry?

Can you please go to the ‘advanced’ tab of RoPieee’s web page and press the feedback button?

Yes, rebooted a few times. USB DAC is off. Give me 1h and I will send you the nr

Here is the code


I can see here RoonBridge from my Ropieee but I’m not able to play music thru Bridge to my Yamaha…
under Audio no Raspberry is visible

Wait a minute.

So… the ‘RoonPi’ is RoPieee?

yes thats correct

Ok… I see 2 things.

First your Hifiberry fails with an error during init fase, hence it doesn’t show up.
Second I see a few errors wrt to your image. It might be wortwhile to do a test with a fresh image.

so you mean i should re-install everything?

Yes, just to be sure that the image is not corrupted in any way.

ok…done again

here the ticket nr.


nope, unfortunately the device still gives an error on init :frowning:

not sure what this is… I’m gonna update the kernel anyhow, so maybe you can retry it then.



Which type of error? Does it mean that maybe Hifiberry is broken oder so? What should I do?

Message from the kernel saying that it can’t initialise the hifiberry board.

Could you please do a test with an image from hifiberry directly?
Then at least we can rule out (or not) that it’s hardware related.

Its hardware related. Even on a second raspberry it doesnt work

With a different image then RoPieee?

Yes. Doesn‘t play any testsound and with the roon image from hifiberry it tolds me that no soundcard found

ok. then it’s confirmed it’s hardware related.

I have a similar problem - Roon can not see my Ropieee

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See your PM.