Roon does not release DS DAC after quitting

I’m running on Roon direct to DirectStream DAC w/ Bridge II.
Reproducible behavior:

  • I end Roon core on the Mac. The DS DAC continues to show the last Roon track.
  • I use an IR remote to set DAC to USB, and run another source for a while.
  • When I use the IR remote to switch back to the Bridge II the last Roon track is still showing, and it is impossible to use the DAC for BubbleUPnP until I reset the Bridge at the DAC control panel.

Any ideas?

That sounds like an issue within the Bridge module itself–Roon is no longer connected to the DAC after the server exits (and even if it was, the RAAT protocol provides a way for the Bridge to tell us “the user wants to use a different source now”, so there should never be an issue of failing to let go).

Roon does expose the information about the now-playing track on an ongoing basis, but it’s up to the device how to use that and how that plays with the device’s other inputs.

I recommend reporting this to PS Audio so they can follow up.