Roon does not scan added albums on Synology DS415play

I’m experiencing the same issue @Egbert_Braam was a few years ago.

In fact, Roon Core has never commenced scanning when files are added to the specified folder on the Synology. After adding content, I have to go into settings and start a force scan. Since this behavior has been required since initial setup, it seems normal so I don’t know if anything an be done.

A force scan always works and playback has always worked.

Question: Is this file detection problem simply the manner in which the Mac OS handles watched folder on a network?

NAS: Synology DS415Play (DSM 6.2.1 - no media apps installed)
Roon Core: Mac mini (Late 2012) . 10.11.6 (15G22010)
Both Core and Synology NAS connected via ethernet

NAS Music Location: /volume1/Roon

DS216+ II, Core on Ubuntu NUC. Mostly the same behavior, but sometimes added music shows up if I wait. I’ve not bothered to debug this very carefully because I don’t mind force rescan when I add new music, which is not every day. My guess is that when the Core restarts after an automated backup (which I’ve configured to happen every 3 days(, it sees the new music.

Roon sourcing music from an SMB share will usually fail to set up file system change notifications, since this is one of those wonky areas when it comes to network share protocols. As such, you usually will not immediately see new titles. However, there is a setting in Roon for how often it should do a periodic scan. I think it defaults to something like four hours. When the periodic scan occurs, you should see the titles added.

The other option is to go to the Storage tab and use the ellipses button next to the network share and click the “force” option. This is what I usually do. I don’t add music very often, but when I do, it tends to be a bunch of stuff at a time. So I first make sure the metadata is good using mp3tag, then copy it to my Synology, then click the force option, and then verify/fix any metadata issues Roon had after import.

As I noted in the thread opening, I use the force scan option but was hoping for a more elegant solution.

Shares from NAS devices do not trigger the update on Linux filesystems. It’s a known limitatation and is not Roon specific if your core is on windows it works fine. I had the same issue when I ran Logitech Media Server on Linux and used the same NAS. It would never auto update library only when it performed full scan once a day.

Maybe it’s time to migrate away from a Mac Mini for Core and to a NUC.

Seems excessive. Have your music on a usb disc to connected direct the mac and use NAS as a backup of your library. This way will auto update. its what I did in the end to my ROCK pc.

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@CrystalGipsy Yeah, that would solve the problem, cheaper and save time.

On the other hand, going into settings and forcing a scan only takes a few seconds. Maybe I should stop complaining.

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