Roon does not see Auralic Aries Mini as core

iPad Air 2
iOS 11.4.1
Auralic Aries Mini firmware 5.5.2

Installed trial version of Roon, after starting it searches for my Roon core. When I enter the IP of my Aries it still does not see it. No error message is generated, it just spins.
Roon is enabled on the mini
I can still control the mini with my iPad and it streams Tidal and plays my library fine, roon is not working.
I do not want this charged to my 14 day trial until this starts working

Thank you

You can’t use an Aries as a Core. If you have an Aries, the most basic set up would have a laptop or desktop as a Core: this is usually the computer where your music files are stored.

The Aries can then be used as an Endpoint. The core unit doesn’t need to be connected to your stereo equipment. The Core will talk to the Aries over your WiFi network, and allow you to stream audio from your core/computer over to your Aries/Endpoint.

Check out this link for details,

and if you need Roon staff support, it’s best to @ mention them @support

I don’t believe an Aries Mini can be a Roon endpoint, only the full-sized Aries. You can send audio to it via Airplay only.

That changed. It used to be via a beta update. I don’t know if they use stable firmware yet.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that had changed. I just updated my mini to the beta, it’s not a stable release yet.

Auralic intimated that anything after 4.x would remain as beta for the mini, as 5.x would wipe out certain things that users had built up. Therefore, they would have to consciously sign up for that to happen via the beta programme. Whether further developments will/have changed that, I don’t know. It was said on their forum in a specific answer to a question as to why the Mini had to remain on beta firmware for 5.x

Thank you all for your help. I do not understand @support to forward this to Roon Support.
How do I post this message to them? I assumed this was the support site but I now realize it is users support.
Thank you

It is. Support is done in the open with other users able to chime in on the topic. The Support team monitors this thread and if you use the @ + support as you’ve done; they get a direct notification.

In your case, your question was answered by @vaguedetails. The Auralic Aries is an endpoint, meaning it is a device that can receive audio data from a Roon/Roonserver installation that exists on a computer (Mac,PC, or LInux). The Aries does not run Roon/Roonserver.

Think of it in terms of client/server. The aries can only function as a client. You need to install the server portion on a computer.

Hi @Stephen_Castagnaro ---- Thank you for the post and the question(s)!

Moving forward, just to echo what has already been mentioned in this thread. The Auralic Aries Mini can only act as an endpoint and is not designed to act as a Roon core. As others have pointed out your Roon core must be hosted on a separate device and once setup the core can then communicate with the Aries Mini.

I would recommend giving the following knowledge base articles a read to help understand the Roon ecosystem:


Thank you all again. I have cancelled my trial membership and will sign up in the future when I have the proper equipment.

Just a little correction in case others take this advice, support must be lowercase.

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FYI Regarding the @ + support key sequence to route to support I did not do that and I am still not clear as to do that in a post to the support forum which I assumed would automatically include Roon support. To post this issue I clicked on a link from the Roon help page.

I am very impressed by the level of support I received on my question from both Roon support and the user user base. When I get my act together and setup a proper Roon Core server I look forward to joining this community.