Roon does not stream to Samsung Q900A Soundbar

I have the same issue with a Samsung Q800a sound bar. ROON thinks it’s playing but it is not. The Soundbar senses the airplay signal and switches to airplay. I can control the volume with the rune volume control. However no audio is coming out. I tried to mess around with the device volume or fixed and the channel down mixing thing but this did not work. It would be great if you guys could “borrow” a Samsung soundbar from Best Buy and see if you can get it to play through AirPlay. Run also will not detect or play through Samsung TVs through AirPlay. It would be great if you guys could fix this as well. IPhones can play to all these devices without issue through AirPlay so they are on the network properly. I only have 1 subnet also. I reported the Samsung TV issue on the air play forum a while ago and nobody commented from roon. What I would love even more to see a roon client on Samsung TVs.

I’m using Chromecast connected to TVs now but would like to be able to use these devices that support AirPlay with my purchased roon software that is supposed to work with airplay. I have tried to use it with the above-named sound bar as well as nu8000 nu7000 and tu8000 series Samsung TVs without success and all those TVs work from an iPhone

Dennis Brenner

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Here is some more info. Roon will stream properly to Apple TV devices both wired and wireless on my network

Hey @dennis_brenner,

Thanks a lot for sharing the behavior you’re experiencing with the sound bar… we’re sorry.

I wonder, is there a firmware update available for your sound bar? Could you please check?

Also, would you be able to share the details of your setup?

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As far as using the TV as an output, I am afraid that at the moment this is not possible; the reason is that this function is only supported via AirPlay 2 and Roon only works with AirPlay at the moment:

this is the same problem, Roon looks like it’s playing to the soundbar, but no sound, regardless of volume settings.

I have the same problem, Roon looks like it’s playing to the soundbar, but no sound, regardless of volume settings. Only silence when I set the output zone direct my soundbar. Also when I set the output zone myiPad and then link my iPad to my soundbar via Airplay it works. A little crazy…

Hello Dennis,

have you been able to solve this problem? I encounter the same problem. Strangely enough, I can play from Roon via Chromecast to the Q900A soundbar, but it doesn’t work via Airplay. I see exactly the same behaviour as you describe: Roon thinks it is playing to the soundbar, the soundbar lights blink when you increase/decrease the volume, etc… but no sound


Nope. does not work. Roon still does not support Airplay 2. I would have figured that an airplay 2 soundbar is compatible with airplay 1 sources but apparently it does not work this way. I actually have a cheap NUC running ROCK → topping D10 DAC which has toslink output → soundbar. Rasberry pi is another option of course. NUC with rock sounds better than chromecast. chromecast audio is an option also

Thank you Dennis.
It is a pity indeed.

You really should be talking to Apple about the problems with THEIR Airplay protocols.
Not much Roon can do about it or with it right now I’m afraid :worried:.

Why would anyone want to use Airplay with Roon?

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I believe your problem is that streaming music to a device using Airplay 2, is a proprietary system for Apple devices. Given the Roon core is not an Apple device it won’t stream Airplay 2.

Airplay 1 was the same until the code was cracked and the protocol was adopted and used in other devices, which is the case with the Roon core.

Unless it reverse engineered or opened up to 3rd devs Airplay 2 won’t be coming to Roon.

I have an LG soundbar which has Chromecast built in and it works perfectly with Roon. Airplay, like most things Apple, works great in the Apple universe but really doesn’t play with others outside of that holy Apple sphere.

Same issue with a Samsung Q900A with Roon and airplay.
No issue with my iPhone and Airplay to the Samsung Q900A.
No issue with Roon and Sonos speakers with airplay. Roon works with everything in Airplay to my home, except Samsung 900A … But Samsung 900A works with airplay with everything except Roon.

So maybe not just a problem of protocol ?

Same issue here. Roon won’t play with this Airplay II soundbar. It has no problem with all my other Airplay devices. And as usual, PLEX works perfectly. Roon should fix this and stop blaming Apple

I have the same issue with a Samsung Q800B soundbar. I’m streaming from a MacBook Pro.

This workaround works for me: set Roon to System Output, then in the macOS sound settings set the system output to AirPlay to the soundbar.

There may be some features (like proper multichannel streaming) that won’t work with this configuration, but it achieves what I wanted: getting music on Roon (which is my primary music library) to play on the soundbar (which is in a family member’s home) without having to plug and unplug cables. (This also answers the question above of why anyone would want to use AirPlay with Roon.)