Roon does not take over all titles on some CDs

(Henry Ulbrich) #22

I tried to send several screenshots, but when I pressed upload, nothing happened. The communication takes place via an Android tablet and it does not work to send screenshots

(Henry Ulbrich) #23

If after the unsuccessful ripping 1 cd I can rip the next ribs and the partially or not saved repeated tries to rip although i am using other devices in the meantime on the internet? that is illogical

(Dan Brown) #24

Yeah, sorry… I was just thinking maybe the Trigon had temporarily lost connection to the internet while it was ripping, and maybe it got the connection back again after.

Have you tried “Force Rescan” - “Erneut scannen”

Einstellungen - Speicherorte

On the right side you should see 3 dots . Click that, then “Erneut scannen” should be there.

Sorry I’m not sure what it is in German.

(Henry Ulbrich) #25

I did everything. CD repeatedly tries to re-read with and without switching off and on again the device. Since I basically suspect that the Trigon Exxceed audio server based on the NUC Asrock J4105 I do not know why he recognizes most CDs perfectly and can read but others are read from the drive (drive noise as long as all other scanned CDs) but then no data on the SSD.

(Geoff Coupe) #26

If Roon has not skipped any files (see if there is anything in Roon’s Skipped Files list), then perhaps you should also ask Trigon support for help. The issue may be within their CD ripping program?

(Henry Ulbrich) #27

I’ve already tried everything. I even deleted the not completely saved CDs under Roon, under Roon cleaned up the deleted ones and ripped them again with the same result.

The last CD Gerhard Gundermann is even in 2 spelling on Roon and still missing the titles 1 to 15

(Daniel Beyer) #28

Try ripping the CD to a location that is not being watched by Roon. After it is ripped then copy it to the storage location.

(Dylan Caudill) #29

Hi @Henry_Ulbrich,

Are you able to access the folders where the files are stored from outside of Roon? If so, can you share some screenshots of how this looks? It would be good to know how things look outside of Roon so we can confirm where this behavior is stemming from (i.e. The files themselves or a problem import).

(Henry Ulbrich) #30

I’ve bought the Trigon Exxceed Audio Server so because he rips it in one and I do not copy it over the network first, or I rip it outside only via adapter on the removable SSD which is also awkward. As you can see on the last screenshot, yes, there is one in the Roon database. Why does not the reading then work completely?

(Henry Ulbrich) #31

I took some pictures of my PC now. With Bruce Springsteen, I also made a change to the PC and in the Roon software, this is completely visible at once

(Henry Ulbrich) #32

Das ist Springsteen

(Dylan Caudill) #33

Hi @Henry_Ulbrich,

Can you try manually rescanning this folder in Roon?

(Henry Ulbrich) #34

I have to correct, in the Roon software Springsteen is still incomplete from Title 15 of CD 1

(Henry Ulbrich) #35

I also did a manual scan, all without success on the Trx Exxceed. Nevertheless, the CDs not read by the roon software are not found on the Windows PC.

Uploading: DSC_0003.JPG…

(Dylan Caudill) #36

Hi @Henry_Ulbrich,

Thanks for the updated info!

Would you mind sharing one of the albums that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me a private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.

(Henry Ulbrich) #37

Apart from browsers and email, I do not do anything like Dropbox or Facebook or WhatsApp because it does not matter to me

(Henry Ulbrich) #38

I have just created on the PC with mp3Tag the data on freedb again with new data and on the Trigon Exxceed store, at roon update and nothing changes. The data stays as before. At Springsteen, the first title from Trigon is provided with this cover.

(Henry Ulbrich) #39

Thanks again for trying your help, but now I’m ripping the CDs that are not recognized by ripps in the Trigon Exxceed audio server in the PC and uploading them over the network to the audio server and they will also be on all CDs and get all the complete data around the cover.