Roon does not work with UPnP devices?

I noticed that Roon does not recognise any of my UPnP devices on my network. It only recognises one device that has AirPlay. Is there is solution to this ? UPnP is still standard in may devices, also high end ones, such as my Opera Consonance Reference 8 MediaPlayer/DAC. While I really love the interface of Roon, the functionality would be greatly hampered if it does not recognise UPnP? Devices that are NOT recognised are Opera Consonance, Onkyo Surround and Media Player and Sony Blue Ray/Media Player. Other apple such as 8Player, PlugPlayer and VLC recognise them immediately.
Thanks for help on this matter

Indeed it does not. Here is the explanation why from Roon.

Yes, this is something to consider with Roon. If you search the forum you’ll see that a lot of us are hoping that manufacturers will adopt Roon’s RAAT protocol, which will give an alternative to UPnP for streaming.

And of course many manufactures (such as Linn) are saying why doesn’t Roon support UPnP (or more specifically our open source version of UPnP in Linns case) so there is a bit of a Mexican standoff with some at the moment.

My guess is that many of the smaller high end manufactuers who have not yet put a lot of effort into their own digital systems will be very interested in Roon/RAAT but that those who have their own already or the more mainstream ones will not be interested until it really takes off (assuming it does). That’s just my view and I could be quite wrong :blush:

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Thanks for your advise and insights. I think will wait buying Roon until these matters are sorted out. I spoke to “Shiit” today who have launched a supposedly very high end DAC at a somewhat reason price - They had no clue about “Roon”.
To Roon my 5 cents worth of advise would be to solve this - Acceptance would I guess be (much) higher if the software works on a wide range of devises.

@Roelof_Westerbeek: We’ve been in contact with Schiit quite a bit, but at the executive level. Their R&D or sales teams probably don’t know about those talks. Still, it’s strange that a person in this industry doesn’t know about Roon. It’s not like we are a minor player in the HiFi space. We won 3 product of the years in 2015! This is just lack of industry knowledge.

@philr – your analysis is mostly spot, but I have one minor quibble. We’ve actually only run into a few manufacturers (such as Linn) who want us to support UPnP or OpenHome. Most are happy to kill off UPnP in favor of our vision, as it kills patent and support burden from their endpoints.

Also, UPnP is a disaster of experience in the big picture. It sucks to buy a multi-thousand dollar DAC and then have your user experience be Twonky or some hardware manufacturers afterthought of an “app” that was probably contracted out to a work-for-hire software shop.

Legacy and no equivalently functional alternative is the only reason it has lived on so long. RAAT provides that alternative, which is why we’ve seen so many receptive manufacturers. There are some big names coming, but as you can imagine, the big guys have longer product cycles.

I have a main rig that is fully conforming to Roon Ready (PS Audio DSJ) - but in my study I have a peachtree audio decco sky. It is fully complaint with upnp - can we also make it Roon ready? Are you in talks with the peachtree folks. Their product sounds great, works well with most streaming services.

Sorry the SonoreUPnP is your friend here.
It behaves as a Roon Endpoint, running as a Squeezebox service, but bit perfect output to a UPnP render without format conversion.

Now used exclusive as input to my Naim NDS Network player, with output as either WAV for PCM (flac, alac etc) or native DSD64 for dsf files.

I now have it running on an UltraRendu with UpTone UltraCap LPS power supply with the latest SonicorbiterOS 2.6 (most important, it was a bust with the earlier OS versions).