Roon doesn’t do a great job with reminding when backups haven’t run

Actually Roon doesn’t do a great job with reminding when backups haven’t run. On my two setups if music is playing the backups don’t run. There is no warning this has happed on any overview/status pages. Unless you go in and check the backups you don’t know it has happened.

The problem is compounded by a Roon bug whereby once a backup has failed, Roon leaves the backup process in the failed state. The backups don’t run at the next scheluded time, or any time thereafter, unless you go in and clear the blockage by doing manual backups. Once again, there is no warning at a higher level the backup schedule is in the failed state.

Thus I have to check the backup status almost daily.

Backups do need some work…warning messages etc. also should have the option not to overwrite the audio setting upon recovery since that is added effort in maintaining parallel installations at different locations.

I’ve not had a lot of issues (other than when I’ve been playing at the time a backup should have run) but it could be better flagged as its easy to miss something thats failed - mind you so seldom have I had an issue I cant be sure where the indication was now.

A backup to a local Document folder on Windows or MAC’s should be used at a minimum. For Rock/Nucleus users you should be backing up to a USB drive or NAS location. I add another level of backup by running a daily copy/sync to another NAS…

Actually, there should be a warning on every page if a backup fails or doesn’t run. Look at the top right of the screen. If you see a red warning triangle alongside the Bookmark and Search icons, this is an indication that something is wrong.


Clicking on the icon should give you more information:

Are you not seeing this icon on your system?