Roon doesn't always see local files if a streamed version is primary

Playing an album I know I have in my local library, Roon will sometimes only show the Tidal/Qobuz version, and I can’t even FIND my local file within my Roon db.

Seems if I have made a Tidal/Qobuz version of an album as “primary,” but then at some point I buy the CD and rip and import to my NAS, Roon won’t always see that file at all. (Not talking about immediately after ripping… I’m talking about days/weeks/months later, after the db should have refreshed against the files on the hard drive.)

i have to go in and DELETE the Tidal/Qobuz version that is the primary (not just remove from duplicates) before it will see the local file.

Doesn’t ALWAYS seem to be the case, but sometimes. Sometimes just removing from duplicates works. Curious about why it’s not consistent. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve made the MQA/HI-RES version the primary… could that be it? (Trying to find more instances to confirm, but I thought I saw some pattern with that parameter.)

Anything I’m missing?

You might want to see how many duplicates you have, and whether you have ‘Show hidden tracks and albums’ set to “No”.

ahhhh this might be it.

It IS set to “No.”

I’ll change to Yes and see how that changes things. I’d love there to be an option to make Local files the primary by default, but that would probably cause more headaches than it would relieve.

Thank you!

Don’t ask me why I know that… :wink:
You can set an album (yours or from a streaming service) as the primary version. That will then be the one you see and gets played when you select the library copy to play.
RoonRadio seems to not pay attention to this.

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I had the same issue. Thanks for your solution, worked here as well.