Roon doesn't find metadatas anymore


Since last week, Roon doesn’t automatically find metadas of my albums anymore (even to most known one). The wheel continue to spin for hours but no metadatas is found.

For instance today :

Any suggestion ?
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This means the core is having issues communicating with Roon HQ metadata services. This could be a network issue, ISP issue or simply just requires a reboot of your core and internal network gear. Try the latter first ,

If that doesn’t help. If your able to perhaps try changing the DNS settings in your router to not use the ISP ones which is its default stance, this helps some but not all. Ones to try are, or These are cloudflare, quad9 and Google’s dns servers.

Thank you for the reply. Before touching the DNS settings (which I am not very skilled for), it would be perhaps worth mentionning that when I click on “identifying album” (manually) it founds them. Does the change anything ?

No the message above is a result of what I have said. Try just rebooting core first. If it returns try rebooting your network gear then restart core again. As a last resort attempt to change your DNS settings. If your not confident with changing them then perhaps ask your ISP or leave alone.

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Thank you very the tips.
I booted my Core and my router, unfortunately it didn’t resolved the issue.

Is another core alternating in use?

If so, perhaps the first complete logout and logon under the settings will help.

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I tried to log-out but it didn’t resolve the issue. It works now, I had to erase the images caches. So if someone encounter the same issue, he can try this.

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Have you tried rebooting your core, this normally fixes this error message :sunglasses:

If that fails reboot everything from modem etc , shut down everything and start each element in turn waiting until each startup is complete

This is a good maintenance step every so often, especially if on Windows

I did but it didn’t work.

Read above first thing I recommended. It didn’t work though.

As another data point…
I have three core devices running and all three have displayed this exact same problem over the exact same stated time period (since last week).

My main core still has the spinning red circle at the top because of this issue. For the other two cores, I wiped and reinstalled ROCK and this “eventually” fixed it for them. They initially had the exact same problem again but finally started updating the metadata after I restored their databases.

I took my main core to work to see if it was just my internet at home sucking. No change in behavior, however.

large databases need a lot of time and patience.

With a second core you can start again immediately. Good interim solution, but then it takes even longer until the first core is ready.