Roon doesn't find newly released single on Tidal (Chvrches - Over)

I was trying to play the newly (Today at the time of writing) released single by Chvrches: “Over”, but was unsuccessful. Tried through artist, discography, general search to no avail :cry:

I can easily find it directly in Tidal.

Why is it, that it can’t be found? Is the Tidal API used by Roon delayed (nightly batch updates?), is Roon caching or doing daily index downloads, or what is going on?

It takes time for releases to appear in Roon.

OK - thanks for the quick reply :+1:

I’m fine with that - I (obviously) for the vast majority listen to music that has more than just a few hours since release… :blush:

Just curious if I had a setup issue, or why this was happening,

I found it this morning around 07:00 CET, not knowing it was released.

Interesting and weird Dennis.

I did the searching mid afternoon and around 20:30 CET. Anyway - it’s there now, so for this time it’s no longer an issue.
Makes me wonder how this actually works from a technical perspective, though… :thinking:

My guess would be that Roon depends on data delivery from Qobuz and Tidal. And that updates in their catalogs are not immediately forwarded to Roon but arrive in batches.

Thinking about it, I think I found it in Tidal, added it to my Tidal library and synced my Roon library, so it was available in my Roon library almost instantly.

Ah - that makes more sense to me David. Thanks for the clarification.

My thinking is much along what Sands is stating above. The source for Roon is batch updated. Either the library is accessed at Tidal through an API with an index that is only periodically updated, or they get batch index updates locally at Roon.

The process is stated in the help article on Tidal:

Read the last section:

Why aren’t the latest albums on TIDAL available in Roon?

When you’re browsing TIDAL in Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s TIDAL database, not a direct pass-through of what’s shown on TIDAL – that’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc. This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind TIDAL when a brand new release comes out – our database is generated multiple times per week, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff and will show up in a day or two.

It’s the same for Qobuz - both services provide a complete catalog database dump to Roon Labs on a regular basis.