Roon doesn't scan files if directory ends with a "space"!

Just added a 4 CD collection (with 78 tracks) properly tacked - at least I thought so - to my library (with directory structure music/artist/album ) but it did not show up in Roon despite forcing several re-scans.

Intitially I thought this migh be due to one of the following reasons

a) the 78 tracks in one directory (but I have other albums with even more tracks)

b) Apostrophe in the artist and album name “Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen” (but I have already another album for the same artist properly scanned and apparently apostrophes are no problem for Roon with files stored on my Synology NAS)

c) large path / file names (but also no problem)

all 78 tracks showed up as “skipped files” in Roon with an “I/O error”

Eventually I found out that I had erroneously added a space at the end of the album name.

Once this was deleted Roon had no problems in adding the files to the library.

Interesting, what hardware operating system are you using as a core please?

Hi Carl,

I am running ROCK on a NUC 8i7 with the music files stored on a Synology 218+ (both running with latest OS).

Everything is running very smoothly and I have no other issues except this minor one:

Since a couple of days the “auto scan” of new files apparently doesn’t work anymore and even the “force re-scan” (Settings–>Storage–>Force Rescan) doesn’t work anymore:
In order to force a rescan I have to do (Settings–>Storage–>Disable) followed by (Settings–>Storage–>Enable).

I got a new router (Fritzbox 6591 replaced the old Fritzbox 6490) a couple of days ago but I have no clue if this is the reason for my issues.


Hi Jens-Michael,

The router might be the cause of the auto-scan issue as the NAS is a network device. The auto-scan is the one you’d expect to fail, it’s notoriously tricky on network storage as there’s no local operating system event. I doubt that the router is directly responsible for

That sounds weird. Rather than just disable you could delete the storage altogether and recreate? Take a backup of the database first. This shouldn’t be a destructive as it sounds but if in doubt don’t do it/let me pressure you :wink:

I’ve seen a few ROCK issues with special characters in file names and file naming conventions across operating systems are a nightmare. As an example the case you state, file name with space at the end is illegal on at least one version of a recent MicroSoft file system. I’d advise sticking to standard chars in the filenames, metadata is a better place for fancy characters :wink:

I hope this helps some, but feel free to wait for support.

Good luck,


many thanks for your input.

Ofcourse special characters are better placed in the meta data. However I am a happy user of dBPoweramp for ripping of my CDs and I have set the configuration to automatically use artist and album name for directory structure.
In this case I manually changed the album name and erroneously added a space. Not a big issue and the first time it happened.

On the “Force Rescan” issue I prefer to accept this for the time being rather than deleting the storage and to recreate…


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