Roon doesn't see my ultrarendu

I am using my macbook as Roon Core. I never had any problems with it. My set up is MacBook-Ultrarendu-Brooklyn DAC. I am using a Netgear blackhawk as router. The router can see the ultrarendu but it does not appear uni Roon. Please help!

It’s unclear from your posting if the ultraRendu was working in your system before this or if this is the first time trying to connect to it.

Not the first time. It worked for years. Just suddenly stoped working. When I look for it is not longer there.

Reboot the Core machine as a first step. This happened to me recently with a microRendu. I rebooted the machine and the mR was found. Make sure when you do the reboot that the uR is turned on and discoverable.

I did re-start my computer and that did not work.

Try rebooting all components and see if that helps. Make sure you have roon server selected in the uR settings.


Are you sure the DAC is on and the ultraRendu sees it? If it is not, it will not advertise itself as a Roon endpoint.

You can go into the ultraRendu management page, select “Apps” and then select “DAC Diagnostics”.

Also, make sure the ultraRendu is still setup as a Roon endpoint…

To anybody else reading this check out the FAQ. There are fixes for all common Roon and non Roon problems you can experience with the sonicTransporter or Sonore endpoints.