Roon, Dragonfly Cobalt and Android

Does Roon recognize Dragonfly Cobalt connected to an Android Mobile Phone?

You can listen with Dragonfly Cobalt on Roon Android. The audio will be fixed at 48kHz though, since the app uses Android’s system audio. For bit perfect audio playback, you’d have to play using an app like USB Audio Player Pro instead.

Or, for $77 you can assemble a Raspberry Pi 4 in a FLIRC case running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL and plug your Dragonfly Cobalt into it. It works great with ethernet or WIFI.

So if I use Roon app on Android, it recognize only the internal dac and not the Cobalt

It is the truth.

How’s the RPi when it comes to phone calls? It’s also a bit big to fit in my back pocket :laughing:

OTOH it doesn make for a good streamer, particularly if you treat it to a nice power supply (£50 should do)

No, I’ve got it running now.

LGV30 - OTG cable - Cobalt - headphones. It’s playing at 24/48. The Dragonflys all stop at 24/96 anyway.


Is it accurate to say that it stops at 96kHz? From what I understand, it does the full rendering up to 192kHz and then downsamples it back to 96kHz/88.2kHz when needed. I could be wrong though :thinking: