Roon Driver Crashes C4 In Latest Version

Is anyone maintaining and updating the Roon drivers for Control4? I’m a C4 programmer and daily Rooner, and on my home system, with the latest OS of 3.4.2, will crash if I select Roon as a source, or a service to browse. It happens ten times out of ten, 100% of the time. This never happened on 3.4.1 or any prior version. C4 is looking into this, I’m told, but it’s low on their priority list and it was suggested I reach out to the developers of the drivers to look for updates since they’ve been stagnant for 2 years.



I read on the C4forums site that 3.4.2 altered some driver security features that could compromise older drivers. (See Andrew Luecke’s comment here: Apple Music Announced on Instagram - Page 3 - General Control4 Discussion - C4 Forums | Control4)

Roon stopped maintaining and updating their Control4 driver years ago. I guess it was only a matter of time before it broke.

I am still on 3.4.1, although Roon doesn’t exactly work seamlessly for me either. I guess I can look forward to complete deprecation as soon as I update C4 again.

You sure can. I hope the developers of this driver see this thread.

Roon announced quite a while ago that they were open-sourcing their driver code by releasing it on GitHub and ceasing internal development of it. Any further development will have to be by an independent developer that happens to be bored enough or charitable enough to take this on.

Hmm I wonder if they won’t be much help if someone like Chowmain would be interested. :thinking: