Roon DSP Setup WiFi vs LAN

Hi - this is my first post on the forum. I searched for a bit but couldn’t find anything definitive - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

I’m putting the finishing touches on passive room treatment in my music room. It’s a very small room, and for the first time, have been really enjoying listening in there as the passive treatments are making a profound difference. I’ve partially fixed a 60 hz null, further aligned L and R frequency response, and greatly optimized reverberation time.

The system consists of two passive speakers and two subwoofers. I will use DSP to xover / integrate the subs / satellites, optimize phase and step response, and to smooth frequency response. I intend to utilize Roon’s ability to upload convolution files.

My question is in regards to an architecture where Roon server will be running in a separate room and communicating with an endpoint in the music room. The server is currently connected to my wifi network. The endpoint can be connected to my router or WiFi (it’s in the same room as the router). I understand best practice is to have everything wired, but is it possible to have the server communicating to a (wired / wireless) endpoint in a multichannel DSP system over wifi? (Note - I don’t yet have an endpoint and have not yet tried this scenario - so I don’t yet have the ability to try it out).

I much appreciate your input!

Yes, if the WiFi network is able to handle the streaming volume reliably.

Depending on the state of your network and how hard you intend to push things with streaming volume, you may find yourself making upgrades or re-configuring your network infrastructure to make it stable.

Many thanks, Brian. I would see myself upgrading to wired Ethernet over time if there are issues with this architecture. But, if it works without issues, even better. Glad to know it is at least theoretically possible.

One other question that I also can’t seem to get to the bottom of - is it possible to configure roon for a 2.2 non surround system?


You’d configure it for 5.1 or 7.1 and then configure DSP engine or your convolution configs to send music to the channels you’re interested in using.